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Voorheesville Middle School
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Middle School athletics

Students must be in grades 7-8 to participate in middle school sports. Each athlete must have a physical examination before he or she can try out or participate in a sport. A health history update must also be on file in the Nurse's Office.

The physical may be conducted by a doctor other than the school physician, but a copy of the physical must be submitted to the school nurse. A physical examination (one that has been completed within the 12 months preceding the sport being played) and a parent must complete an interval health history form prior to every sports season in order for the 12-month physical to be valid.

The following teams are offered:

Fall Sports - begin in August

Boys’/Girls’ Cross Country Varsity, J.V., Modified
Football Varsity, J.V.
Boys’ Golf Varsity
Boys’ Soccer Varsity, J.V., Modified
Girls’ Soccer Varsity, J.V., Modified
Girls’ Swimming (merged with Guilderland) Varsity
Girls’ Tennis Varsity
Girls’ Volleyball Varsity, J.V., Modified
Cheerleading Varsity, J.V.

Winter Sports - begin in November

Boys’ Basketball Varsity, J.V.
Girls’ Basketball Varsity, J.V.
Boys’ Bowling Varsity
Boys’ Swimming (merged with Guilderland) Varsity
Boys’ Volleyball Varsity
Wrestling Varsity, Modified
Cheerleading Varsity, J.V.

Spring Sports - begin in March

Baseball Varsity, J.V.
Softball Varsity, J.V.
Boys’ Tennis Varsity
Boys’/Girls’ Track Varsity, Modified


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