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Biographies from A&E
Library Spot
Internet Public Library

Countries & Maps

CIA World Factbook--up-to-date country profiles
Country facts Country Briefings--news and country profiles
Flags of the World
Infonation--compare data for countries of your choice
Library of Congress Country Studies--detailed country profiles and links
Lonely Planet Worldguide--maps and travel information
MSU Global Access--links to other Web sites
National Geographic MapMachine
Regions & Countries (World Bank)--detailed information
US Department of State Background Notes--detailed country profiles 


Classroom Clipart
Clipart Gallery
KidsClick: Image Search Tools
US Fish and Wildlife Service Digital Library

Quotations of books in full text: reference, poetry, non-fiction, fiction
The Quotations Page

Reference Books of books in full text: reference, poetry, non-fiction, fiction
Columbia Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Smithsonian
The Free
How Stuff Works, atlas, encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus to references
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
The Online Books Page
Reference of links to all kinds of resources


Statistical Resources on the Web
Yahoo Statistics Index 

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