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View emergency school closings and delays on the Times Union Web site and the district's homepage.

Emergency School Closings

When classes are canceled or delayed because of the weather or an emergency, notification will be posted on the homepage of the district Web site, distributed to the media through the School Closings Network and sent via e-mail through the School News Notifier (SNN) system.

Such notification will first be given normally between 6  and 6:45 a.m. Please note that unless otherwise indicated, all scheduled use of the schools will also be canceled.

School Closings Network

The district participates in the School Closings Network in cooperation with the Albany Times-Union, and any delay or cancellation will be announced on the Times Union Web site as well as the following television stations:

  • WRGB - TV 6

  • Capital News 9

  • WTEN - TV 10

  • WNYT - TV 13

  • WXXA - Fox 23 TV

School News Notifier

School News Notifier logoSchool News Notifier (SNN) is an opt-in email news service that allows parents and community members to stay in touch with what is happening in Voorheesville schools. District officials have the power to send information about emergency school closings and delays and updates or reminders about school activities and events. Subscribers can choose to receive any or all of the notifications, and they can unsubscribe at any time. All e-mail addresses are kept confidential. » LEARN MORE

Delayed Openings

When early morning driving conditions are hazardous but are expected to improve rapidly as the morning progresses, Voorheesville may utilize a One or Two-Hour Delayed Opening for all of its schools. Students will report to their bus stops exactly one or two hours later than they normally would, depending on which Delayed Opening is in effect. This delayed opening may also be used for other types of emergencies. All students attending private or parochial schools will follow the same procedure and report to their bus stops exactly one or two hours after their normal pickup times.

Delayed openings will be made as early as possible and posted on the district website, as well as broadcast on the radio and TV stations listed above.

Should a One or Two-Hour Delayed Opening be announced based on forecast predictions for improved weather, and conditions by 7 a.m. are such that we cannot safely transport our students to school, school officials will announce that schools will be closed. Therefore, it is important to continue to check the Web site or listen carefully for such an updated announcement.

Unexpected Dismissal of Classes During the School Day

Given the complex child care arrangements many children have today, parents and district staff alike are concerned about children being sent to empty homes or being confused about where to go should school be dismissed unexpectedly. In fact, Voorheesville parents have asked that we try not to send children home unexpectedly during the school day, and we sympathize with this request.

We believe that safety lies in following established routines, and Voorheesville parents should know that our schools are less likely to close unexpectedly during the school day than in may other districts.

If a severe winter storm does hit unexpectedly, the superintendent may be forced to send children home early, but we try to avoid doing this. We often find that by the afternoon, when classes would normally be dismissed, snow plows have cleared the roads and travel conditions have improved. However, all parents, especially working parents, should instruct their children where to go in the unlikely event of an unexpected early dismissal.


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