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Acronym Finder
Handbook of Rhetorical Devices—definitions of literary devices
Rhymezone—rhyming words, synonyms, antonyms


Academy of American Poets
American Authors on the Web—hundreds of books in full text: reference, poetry, non-fiction, fiction
British and Irish Authors on the Web
English Links—Authors and Literature
Literary Resources on the Net—links to many literature sites
Nevermorethe Edgar Allan Poe Collection of Susan Jaffe Tane
Poet's Corner—biographies, poems and explanations
Poetry FoundationPoetry Tool
The Poetry Archive


Foreign Language

International Language and Culture—French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and Russian link.
Spanish links—newspapers, magazine, culture, language


Health Links
Science & Health Links


Ask Dr. Math—middle and high school
Math Links 
Science & Math Links

Music & Arts

Humanities Links
Music & Performing Arts Links 


Chemical Elements—interactive periodic table
Fear of Physics
Science Animations
Science in the News for Kids
Science & Health Links
Science & Math Links

Social Studies

American History:
American History Links
American History Links
American Memory—American history and creativity
CRS Annotated U.S. Constitution
Hudson River Valley Heritage
Historical Voices
New York State Archives
Political Cartoons by Dr. Seuss

Elections & Political Links
Fed Stats—Statistics from U.S. agencies
First Gov—U.S. governments official Web portal
First Gov for Kids
Government & Economics Links
New York State Government Information Locator Service
Social Studies & Law Links
U.S. Census Bureau

World History:—hundreds of books in full text: reference, poetry, non-fiction, fiction
Black History Month
Eyewitness to History—Eyewitness accounts of historical events
History Links
The History Net
The History Place
Hyperhistory Online—World history
Internet Medieval Sourcebooks
War Times Journal—Online magazine
Women's History Month
World History Links
World War II and the Holocaust

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