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Mr. Jamie McPherson

What is Yorkers Club?

Yorkers is part of the State History Interest Project (SHIP) which is a statewide club geared towards students who have an interest in history. The program provides different opportunities for students to explore history and participate in hands-on history activities that align to the New York State Social Studies Standards. Students operate their own government and have leadership roles in elected officer positions. Yorkers hold an annual convention in May where members from throughout the state attend.


Yorkers is open to all middle school students. The cost to join is only $8.00 per student.  Download the club membership form


The club will meet every other Thursday in room 222. Members are strongly urged to attend as many meetings as possible. Students who do not attend a majority of meetings will not be eligible to attend the convention.

Annual Convention

Every year SHIP holds a convention in a different city in which members from all over NY attend. The trip occurs at the beginning of May and is a three day, two night event. This year’s convention is scheduled to be held in Corning, NY. The cost of the trip has yet to be determined.


Yorkers offers the unique ability for students to complete a wide range of different projects and enter them into a competition against members form all over NY. Students are allowed to pick their own topic in history as well as the type of project they wish to complete. Project competition categories will be sent home at a later date. To be eligible to attend the convention, a member must successfully complete a project by the proposed due date.

For more information, visit the State History Interest Project Web site.

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